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USI is a full service risk management and insurance firm. Our professional insurance advisors provide leading-edge insurance products, technologies, and risk management systems that are designed to control client costs and protect client assets.

USI partner firms deliver fully integrated services, programs, and consulting for insurance and insurance-related financial services. This makes us a single resource-you no longer need to work with multiple providers to obtain the full range of services you need to protect and grow your assets.

Risk Management
Our focus on risk management helps companies develop ways to significantly reduce traditional insurance costs. Our experienced staff knows your particular line of business inside and out, so we can create insurance and risk management packages tailored to your particular needs.

Specialized Services from USI

  • Community Association Insurance Program: The Community Association Insurance Program provides comprehensive insurance and employee benefits packages for community asscdir. We help community managers develop ways to significantly reduce traditional insurance costs. The program services include 24-hour claim service, regularly scheduled claims reports, certificate management reports, coverage checklists, and monthly publications on insurance issues and industry information.
  • Financial Insurance Planning: The Financial Insurance Planning Division covers a range of products that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Using state-of-the-art technology, "Retirement Architect," we can help you determine what your personal, unfunded, retirement liability is. Products available through the Financial Insurance Planning Division include Buy-Sell (Business Continuation) Insurance, Deferred Compensation, Disability Buy-Outs, Disability Income Insurance, Employee Benefits Analysis, Estate Planning, Group Health Insurance, Key Executive Insurance, Pension Planning, and Retirement Planning.

Benefits For Your Company
We are dedicated to delivering these efficiencies and results:

  • More of your time to focus on your core business.
  • Insurance and financial services plans linked to each other in design, structure, and administration.
  • The value of a professional business consultant who is part of your team.
  • A locally-based, knowledgeable and accessible staff backed by resources of partners nationwide.
  • Complete coordination of your program's financial structure to assure efficient, competitive, and consolidated cost management.
  • A single resource that provides support for your company's changing needs: a full spectrum of insurance, risk management, benefits consulting, and financial services.

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