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If you are interested in obtaining information or a quote on personal homeowners insurance, please call 1-800-552-9919 and ask for the Personal Lines Sales Department.

Residents must be aware of the type of Master Policy insurance in effect through their community association. Regardless of the kind of policy a community association has, owners and tenants should purchase a personal policy to fully protect their interests.

Resident owners should consider an individual homeowners policy (HO–6). This policy can provide coverage for personal property, unit improvements, betterments, additions and alterations, additional living expenses, and personal liability. Non-resident owners may not need coverage for personal property or additional living expenses; however, they do have all of the other insurable exposures of a resident owner. Additionally non-resident owners can be insured for loss of rental income. Renters should purchase an HO–4 policy to provide coverage for personal property, additional living expenses, and personal liability.

Coverage can be arranged under some HO–6 policies to pay for damages to a unit over the personal policy deductible, usually $250 or $500, up to the master policy deductible. This type of coverage is generally referred to as “building” or “dwelling” coverage under a personal homeowner’s policy. Unit owners should check with their HO–6 policy agent or the insurance company to determine if they have appropriate “building” or “dwelling” insurance to cover damage to their unit up to the master policy deductible.

The master policy will not cover personal property, such as clothing and furniture within individual units, nor will it provide coverage for personal liability or additional living expenses.





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